We have our Stroker Kit -and it is impressive!

Skip White Performance Comes Through!
We can't tell you how many engine build up articles we've read over the years where magazines like Super Chevy, Hot Rod, Car Craft and others would do a step by step engine build and claim huge horsepower numbers when they finished. Many times we'd read those articles and think to ourselves if they -we can. Then we'd start looking for whatever part they'd used in the article and we either couldn't find it or when we did, we couldn't afford it.

Today we find this is often still the case. The parts they use are often available but the "connections" they have with this engine builder or that manufacturer, put us right back into "they can and we can't" build it after all -situation.

When buying a Stroker kit, you'll quickly find the advertisers with the best prices often have "issues" that make the great deal, well not so great. In our case our stroker kit had a great price and we were fortunate enough to find that the folks at Skip White Performance also handled those other issues as part of their offerings.

The whole point in purchasing a stroker kit vs. picking and choosing pieces by price and availability to assembly our own kit is the fact that the kit done right, a custom kit has all the right components designed or known to work together well. Kit suppliers have worked out the problems you and I might run into with using one brand of product with another.

Perfect example of something you might not think of right at first, but you will before it's over -balancing. Each kit we looked at online often mentioned the kit of choice would need balancing and often it said something like this: "balancing required, available for $150 additional".

With our kit being provided from SWP, our request for our version to be internally balanced was included right in with the kit price at no extra charge...

Substitution time!
The Scat crank was out and the new Eagle 4340 was in as the replacement crank for our kit!

Skip White Performance went above and beyond the call of duty for us!

The original stroker kit we ordered was making us wait for the order to be filled since they were missing the Scat crank.

We really do not know the specifics of the problem, but it was something to do with ports and and the length of time we'd have to wait in order to get our kit with the Scat version of the crank included.

For personal reasons we were under the gun for time, so we asked repeatedly what SWP could do to get our kit on the way to us without having to wait for the problem to clear up.

In short order, Daniel at SWP had busted his behind and lined us up a replacement crank from get this -another performance shop an hours drive away from SWP headquarters.

SWP picked up the Eagle crank for us, and the next day it was on the balancer. Shipped the very same day right after being balanced, we had our kit in our hands in just three days via the FedEx truck!

Now SWP could have told us we'd just have to wait, but no sir, instead they made it happen for us! We are impressed!

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Next up the trip to the Performance machine shop -And we are taking our Stroker Kit from Skip White Performance with us!

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