We've found the perfect machine shop for our needs!

Gary Johns Automotive is the right place for us!

Gary John Automotive has been building everything from stock engine rebuilds to championship winning circle track and drag race engines for over 30 years. When it came time to choose our machine shop, we quickly turned to Chad Johns who heads up the staff at GJA.

If you need any kind of machine services needed, be sure and contact them, they'll get you fixed up quickly and affordably -tell them 454strokerrat.com sent you!

Gary Johns Automotive
540411 Us Highway 1
Callahan, FL 32011


What GJA is starting with...
Everything needed to build a high horsepower engine GJA can do all in one shop.

With the engine hot tanked and cleaned of the miles of baked on grease and grime it was time to be honed. GJA started off by boring and honing the block with deck plates.

Honing the main bearing and the cam bearings was one of the critical steps in preparing our block.

GJA will be doing...
Hot Tank, Block Cleanup, Inspection.
Crack Detection / Magnaflux.

Line honing Cam and Mains.
Boring to .060 over, Cylinder honing with plates.
Checking and cutting the block decks as needed.
Install Cam bearings.
Full machine work and stroker clearancing.

With all the major machine work done, we picked up our block ready to be final cleaned and painted. Chad Johns had done all the machining steps needed and all that was left was to do the final detail work to the block. Chad had also installed the ARP main bearing studs for us, before align honing everything to final specs.

We decided to do the final block preperation ourselves which meant we would be the ones to cut the sharp edges of the block to remove any potential areas that might develope cracks later. We also wanted to chase all the threads in the block and counter sink all the bolt holes in the block as well.

We had to break down and purchase some special tools, rather than rely on the old school method of measuring bearing clearances with "plastic gauge", we opted to buy ourselves a new bore mike set and other tools so we could make sure our bearing clearances were right on the money.
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Watch and read as we build the 496 Rat engine from start to finish and install it (hopefully) into a MK 4 Supra!!

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